How To Enter

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All across the United States, Canada and indeed the Earth – people rely on, and reap the benefits of, an often abused and grossly misunderstood critical component of life itself – dirt!

Or to be more precise soil and the native supporting ecosystem, both above and below the ground, that keeps it and us healthy.

We are talking millions if not billions of years in the making – to produce something that grows our food, filters our water, supports our homes and eventually receives us back into the cycle of life.

Sprinkler Spruce Up graphicWe are facing extremes of weather and rainfall – both drought and floods – and soil is vulnerable to each and every event.

This project is designed as a competition – to excite, educate and energize individuals, businesses, schools and communities to take a good hard look at how they can “Garden For Water!”

There will be rewards, on many levels, and the payback will be significant both now and long into the future.

The competition for 2017 has closed but if you want to know how to enter in 2018? Click here and dig in!

Encouraging property owners to be water smart and septic savvy!

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